Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Restoring Files & Folders from Backup - Macrium Reflect

As outlined in my previous blog post, we have setup a full backup of your PC using a free and easy to use product called Macrium Reflect.

Once you have a full backup image file available, you can open, explore and restore files from it which is what we'll be covering in this blog post.

  1. Open windows explorer and browse to the location of your Macrium Backup image file (the file will have .mrimg on the end of it)
  2. Right click on the image file and select "Explore Image"

  3. Macrium will now load a "Backup Selection" screen where you can select which of the hard drives you backed up you wish to "mount" in windows explorer. In most cases (and this example), there will be one drive available (C:), so select it by placing a tick in the box next to it then click OK.

    You can also select the option to "Enable access to restricted folders" if you wish to access files that would normally be restricted (such as files in another users profile/account)
    Also note the "Drive Letter" that is specified - in this case H:\

  4. Windows Explorer will now mount the image and open Windows Explorer to show the files contained within it. As per the screenshot below, you can see H:\ is available and is called "Macrium Reflect Image". From here, you can view/browse all the files within the image. If you wish to restore/recover files from within this image, you can simply copy and paste them from this image drive, back to your C:\ or other folder as required

  5. Once you are done, you need to "unmount" the macrium image file. To do this, right click the macrium image drive letter (H:\ in this example), then go to go Macrium Reflect > Unmount Macrium Image

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