Tuesday, 20 September 2016

iTunes Artist Icons/Thumbnails Missing

It appears there is a bug (or new feature) in the latest version of iTunes (12.5) and iOS 10 where a majority of artist icons/thumbnails/images for missing when in the Library > Artists view, as per the screenshots below - they only show a generic microphone icon/thumbnail.

I haven't been able to find a setting/option to fix this at the moment. After doing some research I'm certainly not the first person to notice this "bug".

Only "workaround" for the issue currently is to not use the artist view and instead use the "Albums" or "Songs" view which show album artwork correctly and do not utilize artist images.

Let me know in the comments if you've noticed this bug as well, or if you have found a solution. I'll continue searching and will keep this posted updated with any fixes I find.

Update: I've found an apple discussion thread that states that the artist photo only shows up if you've purchased an album from that artist from the Apple Music store.



  1. I noticed Apple removed the feature to Get Album Artwork if you right click on a song. Kinda a big bummer.
    A workaround I found is right clicking the song -> Go to -> Artist. On this page, you can right click the album artwork and click "Get Album Artwork."
    All the songs in that album get that artwork too!
    (I personally liked the previous way though...)

  2. I find Apple so arrogant. They never acknowledge these issues, just leave us flapping in the wind. It's their way or the high way. Dicontented

  3. iTunes is a huge POS! The organization of items, the display of artists, the display of albums....ALL a complete FAIL!

  4. I have a number of tunes that I HAVE purchased from Apple. No artist photo on some of them as well. 😕

  5. im so pissed at Apple for fucking up iTunes so badly... i have hundreds of albums and now i can't even see how many i have... i have 12000 songs... and the artist artwork is missing... navigating through iTunes sucks... it is fucked ... why does apple have to fuck up peoples personal stuff....

  6. Has nothing to do with storebought albums. It's just utterly random.

    Music bought from iTunes can have the microphone.
    Ripped music can have the album cover.

    Good news is you can't change the picture even if you have an image. Because functionality from WMP from a decade ago is too complicated to implement.

  7. Apple screwed the pooch on this one. And after months it is now obvious that it was intentional. At least 70% of my artists have the Microphone of Death. Apple is the New Microsoft.

  8. Microphone icon sucks - So easy to fix this - Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave - he would not put up with this crap - he would fire everyone of these arrogant "Conform and Obey" Rotten Apple's