Friday, 18 January 2013


Welcome to my Blog!

I'm currently employed as an IT professional, and have decided to create this blog to share some of my ideas, thoughts, creations and findings with anyone who cares to look, as well as have a repository of sorts for some of my work/solutions.

I'm a big believer in automation - working smarter, not harder. I am a self taught Powershell "scripter" and have created a large number of scripts to help make my job much easier, and my time spent performing tasks much more efficient - in particular with Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Active Directory.

I plan to share alot of these creations on this very blog. Everything I've come to know and learn about Powershell scripting has been from other various blogs and sites around the Internet - it's always nice to give something back.

Feel free to comment - feedback/suggestions/questions are always welcome :-)


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