Friday, 18 January 2013

Powershell Execution Policies - Execution of Scripts is Disabled on this System

If you are attempting to run a powershell script file (.ps1) on a system for the first time, you will most likely encounter an error message similar to this;

File filename.ps1 cannot be loaded because the execution of scripts is disabled on this system.

This is related to what is known as the "execution policy" that is set for the particular user/computer you are attempting to run the scripts on.

You can view what the current execution policy is on your machine by opening a Windows Powershell prompt and running the command get-executionpolicy. There are four (4) different execution policies available:

  • Restricted - No scripts can be run. Windows PowerShell can be used only in interactive mode.
  • AllSigned - Only scripts signed by a trusted publisher can be run.
  • RemoteSigned - Downloaded scripts must be signed by a trusted publisher before they can be run.
  • Unrestricted - No restrictions; all Windows PowerShell scripts can be run.

You can modify what the current execution policy is by running the command set-executionpolicy setting where setting is one of the four (4) values specified above.

The following technet article contains further information on signing of scripts with Windows Powershell

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